Technical Examination Process on Adaptation (TEP-A) Launch 2020

The Chairs of the Subsidiary Bodies and the Co-Chairs of the Adaptation Committee will broadcast a video to formally launch the 2020 Technical Examination Process on Adaptation (TEP-A), which will focus on the topic of Education and training, public participation and youth to enhance adaptation action. As the first element of the TEP-A, the video will offer the audience a glimpse of what they can expect from the 2020 TEP-A and the opportunities that interested individuals and organizations will have to participate in the process. The 2020 TEP-A will take place over several months, with events and related activities beginning in June and concluding in October with a wrap-up event. It will include creative ideas for policy briefs and case studies, video messages, virtual talks and workshops, art competitions and more. Additionally, the speakers will reflect on the importance of this year’s TEP-A topic. 

For more related to the topic of education and training, public participation and youth, see also the 8th ACE Dialogue – Global Launch Event.