Virtual workshop: Youth engagement to enhance adaptation action

Date: 14 July 2020

Time: 14:00-15:30 CEST 

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Ahead of World Youth Skills Day on 15 July 2020, the 2020 TEM-A will open with a workshop on the topic of Youth engagement to enhance adaptation action. 

Workshop description

Youth consultations which were conducted in over 10 countries in 2019 and engagement with practitioners who work with young people and in the interest of youth, unveiled that current political systems do not have the right policies in place to facilitate youth contribution to the creation, implementation, and review of climate change adaptation strategies. This includes, but is not limited to, their rightful contribution to anticipatory planning and future policies. Institutional structures remain hierarchical which inhibits the effective engagement of diverse youth groups such as indigenous youth and young people in the informal sector whose experiences are needed for inclusive policy development that works for the most vulnerable.

Due to this, current policies already miss out on the ideas and aspirations of young people – the same people who will live in the future for which these policies are created. There is a lack of technical and knowledge capacity for young people to contribute equally in decision-making when invited to the table. Hence, the workshop seeks to highlight the opportunities that exist in engaging youth in adaptation planning and how this is essential to deliver large scale adaptation solutions. The workshop will also build the capacity of youth in local-led adaptation action and/ adaptation finance. 


Joshua Amponsem will moderate the session





Introductions to the TEP-A and the workshop


Alessandra Sgobbi, Co-Chair, Adaptation Committee






Session 1: Opportunities for youth engagement in adaptation planning


Shu Liang, Day of Adaptation 

Imogen Jacques, Global Center on Adaptation 







Session 2: Bridging the gap: connecting locally-led youth actions to national adaptation strategies


Roop Singh, International Federation of the Red Cross Climate Centre

Willy Kakuru, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Presentation available here)








Discussion: Where do we go from here?


Chibeze Ezekiel, Strategic Youth Network for Development

Ayouba Sani, Young Volunteers for the Environment





Closing Remarks


Speaker biogrpahies: 

Mr. Joshua Amponsem is a climate advocate and the founder of Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO). He was the lead author of ‘Adapt for Our Future’ – the first background paper on Youth and Climate Adaptation which was developed for the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) as part of the flagship adaptation report in 2019. He is currently a Youth Fellow at the GCA and leading the establishment of a Youth Adaptation Network, the development of the youth-driven global ‘Call to Action’ and support the delivery of the Youth Adaptation Solutions Challenge in the build up to the Climate Adaptation Summit in January 2021 and beyond. His work aims to enhance the meaningful inclusion of youth and children in local and global development processes. He served as an advisor to the UN Youth Envoy’s Office in the planning and delivery of the first UN Youth Climate Summit and supported the design and delivery of the first-ever IRENA Youth Forum.  In the past, Joshua has consulted for international organizations in the field of business development, youth engagement and community-based climate action. He is part of diverse regional and international climate networks working towards a sustainable future. 


 Ms. Roop Singh is a Climate Risk Advisor at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. Roop leads the Climate Centre’s work on heat risks including supporting Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies develop heat-health early warning systems. She is the IFRC’s youth representative on the NDC Partnership’s youth task force to develop a youth strategy for countries to engage youth in their NDC implementation. She is part of the Red Cross Red Crescent Youth Team.



Willy Kakuru is a Consultant with Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations (FAO) in Uganda. As the National Adaptation Plan Coordinator for Uganda, coordinated implementation of the FAO and UNDP Uganda component under the programme for “Integrating agricultural sectors in National Adaptation Plans (NAP-Ag).” He promoted partnerships on climate change adaptation planning and resilience and built capacity for government and non-state actors including officers from central and local governments and National Assembly parliamentarians on gender responsive climate change adaptation planning, budgeting and policy making, which included youth involvement. The project put in place a mechanism for climate change adaptation and resilience building by development of a National Adaptation Plan for the Agriculture sector in Uganda (NAP-Ag), which was launched in November 2018 as Uganda’s first comprehensive plan for climate action in the agriculture sector, with a monitoring and evaluation framework and guidelines for mainstreaming climate change in agriculture sector pans and budgets.


Ms. Imogen Jacques is the Engagement and Youth Leadership Officer at the Global Centre on Adaptation. Following her MSc at the United Nations University in Bonn, Imogen joined the GCA on the first cohort of the Young Leaders Program. She now works to provide opportunities for young people to build their capacities and create innovative solutions for climate adaptation. 







Ms. Shu Liang is the founder and director of Day of Adaptation. Prior to it, Shu has extensive work experience in 7+ different countries and most recently the Global Center on Adaptation and World Food Programme. Shu has a master’s degree in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation from Lund University in Sweden. Shu is a Chinese Canadian woman residing in the Netherlands. 

 Established in late 2018, Day of Adaptation is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to empower people and organisations to understand, accept and commit to climate action, with geographic focus on The Netherlands. We have developed and implemented fun and exciting activities to achieve this. Read more on our website