2020 Regional Technical Expert Meetings on Adaptation

Decision 13/CP.23

At its 23rd session, the COP invited Parties  and  non-Party  stakeholders  to  organize regional  technical  expert  meetings, building on existing regional climate action events, as appropriate, with a view to examining  specific  finance,  technology  and  capacity-building  resources  necessary  to  scale  up  actions  in regional  contexts, including  through  regional  mitigation  and  adaptation  initiatives,  and  to  provide  their  reports  thereon  to  the  secretariat  as  input  to  the  technical  examination processes.

This page contains information on the different regional expert meetings on adaptation being held in 2020.

Is your organization interested in hosting a regional technical expert meeting in 2020 on the theme of Education and training, public participation and youth to enhance adaptation action? If so, contact ac[at]unfccc.int!

Region Topic Date Details Report
South Asia The role of the Education Sector in South Asia: Empowering youth and children for climate change adaptation action 6 August 2020 Click here >>> Click here >>>